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All about Parenting Toddlers, Issue #036 - Dining out with a toddler
April 27, 2006

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All about Parenting Toddlers
Issue #036
27th April 2006

Welcome to another issue of All about Parenting Toddlers .

In This Issue:

1. Dining Out With A Toddler
2. Words to Forgotten Children Songs
3. Latest additions to

Dining Out With A Toddler
by Tammy M Pinarbasi, Owner of the Parent Super Site

Dining out with a toddler can be a challenging experience. Still, having a toddler does not have to mean the end of dining out. By being prepared and following a few simple suggestions dinner out with your little one can be enjoyable.

Make sure your toddler is well rested. As parents we all know a cranky child can cause havoc.

If your child is old enough to understand what you are saying, give them a pep talk. Explain how you are going out for dinner as a family. Talk with them on how it calls for their best behavior.

If your child is getting hungry before leaving home, give them a small healthy snack to hold them over until you get to the restaurant. The trick is not to fill them up yet give them enough that they will not get irritable from hunger at the restaurant.

Choose a family restaurant. People will likely be more tolerant of your child’s behavior. Also, a family restaurant is likely to have high chairs and booster seats available for use.

Do not go to the restaurant during rush hours. During slower times there are fewer people to disturb, less noise, quicker service and less likely to cause over stimulation of your child.

Take along a small bag packed with the necessities. Such as:
- Extra diaper and diaper wipes
- Clean dry washcloth, to wash them up after the meal
- A bib if they will use it or a clean shirt to change into if needed
- Their own eating utensils and drinking cup
- Bring one of their favorite healthy snacks in case they will not eat the food at the restaurant

Pack a few small quiet toys to play with at the table if your child should finish eating and get restless before your done eating. Once at the restaurant, choose seating where fewer people are dining so your child is less likely to disturb other diners and there is less distraction for your little one.

Use the high chairs and booster seats available at the restaurant to secure them safely and to prevent them from being able to move about freely. Keep in mind that small children get bored quickly and patience is not something they have not learned at this age yet. Your child may not sit well thru appetizers or waiting for meals that take some time to prepare. Buffet type restaurants are good choices for dining out with small children. Your family can be seated quickly and begin enjoying the food quickly. Also, the kids love the variety which is helpful for picky eaters. Be patient with your toddler. If your child gets a little out of sorts, keep in mind their behavior is typical for this age. They will learn appropriate behaviors for such activities over time by example and experience.

Following these suggestions can help ensure your dining out experience with your toddler is a pleasant one the whole family enjoys.


Full Instructions on how to successfully Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours With The H.E.A.R.T. Method.


Words to Forgotten Children Song

You were singing children songs to your child when suddenly you realized that you have forgotten the wordings. Well, you can create your own version of the songs or if you still want the actual wordings, you can check it out at the following site which gives you the words to some of the songs like:
Down by the station
Hush … Little Baby
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Mulberry bush
Where is Thumbkin?
and many many more ………

Check out the words to some of the children songs here.


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Latest additions to

Toddler Bed Rails
Points to note when buying or using toddler bed rails

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